Subsea Consulting LLC

Independent Consultant, 2014 - present


Director Marketing & Sales, 2010 - 2014


Senior Director Sales & Marketing, 1991 - 2010


Istituto Tecnico Industriale

Telecommunication Engineering



Global Telecom Processing Equipment, Telecommunication Services

Antonio has a telecommunication engineer background and is specialized in supporting telecommunication service providers who decided to build, operate and maintain subsea fiber optic systems. With over 25 years of exec-level telecommunications experience, he has a proven track record of results-oriented Global Initiatives in the subsea cable industry, including Business Development, Sales and Marketing, in the US and Latin America. Prior to start his own consultant company, he served as Director of Marketing and Sales at GlobeNet and during 20 years at Alcatel-Lucent, he served in executive-level positions in the EU, NA and Brazil. With a strategic focus and expertise in the subsea fiber optic cable markets, he offers a wealth of knowledge and full scale support to our customers.