Export Oil Field Supply Company International

President / CEO, 1975 - present


Columbia University

Masters of Science in Business

University of Notre Dame

Bachelor of Arts in Geology



Diversified Oil And Gas, Drilling, Equipment And Services, Exploration And Production, Refining And Marketing

Ed spent 39 years as CEO of his company Export Oil Field Supply Company International, delivering and sourcing supplies in a number of diverse sectors including oil & gas, marine, drilling and production, pulp and paper, mining, petrochemical, industrial and transportation. He developed multi-million dollar sales relationships with companies such as EXXON, Petroleos de Venezuela, Shell Export and Petrobras, and other agreements with ARAMCO, Ecopetrol, Pertamina, Pecten, and the like. Ed’s experiences include work as a Rig Up Yard and Pump Fabrication Mgr, Derrickman and Roustabout; purchasing and selling heavy equipment globally; exporting, importing and international documentation including letters of credit; servicing international customers; and acquisitions.