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Create Surveys and View Results

Axon Advisors provides online software for designing, distributing and evaluating surveys - in addition to high quality panel recruitment. Axon delivers the most reliable, straightforward and sophisticated online surveys available. Options include a wide range of report exports to SPSS, Excel & more, dedicated technical support, and translation into 48 languages.

Creating Surveys

  • Adding Questions: 100 different question types, question formatting, text editing, question libraries

  • Question Options: media embedding survey randomization, personalized surveys, survey file download

  • Survey Flow: skip/display logic, question blocks, loop and merge, personalized ending messages


Distributing Surveys

  • Mailing Surveys: customized distribution settings, reminder message scheduling, automatic message set-up, response tracking, panel distribution

  • Other Options: in-page pop-ups, survey embedding, dynamic survey links, hard copy printouts

Analyzing Data

  • Reporting Survey Results: 30 different graph types, data filter, side-by-side reporting, response tables, survey respondent overview, question statistical tables

  • Sharing Reports: report exports, automatic report sender, real-time sharing, individual response export

  • Analyzing Data: data download, cross tabulations, conjoint analyst, scoring and grading

Independent Consultants

Interested in joining Axon’s team of industry consultants?

Axon’s Services

Interested in learning more about Axon's expert networking and consulting services?

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