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Comprehensive Coverage of Therapeutic KOLs

Using our proprietary Global Clinical Investigators Database, Axon can prioritize millions of Clinical Trials (CT) Investigators worldwide by expertise in conditions and interventions, experience in related clinical trials, locations, relationships with sponsors, as well as a wide range of other targeting criteria.

If a client’s goal is to interact with Therapeutic Key Opinion Leaders (T-KOLs) who have the greatest influence among their peers, then access to their publications in life science journals is of particular importance. Data showing how many publications a T-KOL has authored (specifically editorials, meta-analysis, practice guidelines, reviews, comparative studies and government publications), will indicate the T-KOL’s relative importance among peers in influencing opinion.

Using our proprietary Global Therapeutic KOL DatabaseTM, Axon can rank order millions of authors worldwide by the volume of their publications on particular topics, conditions and interventions.

If a client’s goal is to interact with Therapeutic Key Opinion Leaders (T-KOLs) who design or execute clinical trials, then clinical trials experience is of particular importance. Data showing how many trials a T-KOL has been involved in, specifically involving certain conditions, interventions, classes, or phases will indicate the T-KOL’s expertise or likelihood of success in participating in similar future clinical trials.

T-KOLs Worldwide with Expertise in:

  • 35,150 Drug interventions

  • 26,500 Medical conditions

  • 2,650 Dietary supplements

  • 1,350 Rare diseases


Clinical Investigators with Expertise in:

  • Conditions

  • Interventions

  • Patient populations

  • Recruitment status

  • Study results

  • Study types

  • Outcome measure

  • Lead sponsor relationships

  • Other sponsor relationships

  • Particular studies

  • Locations

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