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Your Solution for Comprehensive Market Research Surveys

Unleash the Power of Online Surveys with Axon Advisors

Axon Advisors is your premier partner for market research solutions, offering a suite of online survey tools designed to elevate your research capabilities. From survey creation to data analysis, Axon delivers the most reliable, straightforward, and sophisticated online surveys available. Our platform combines cutting-edge technology with dedicated support to ensure your market research endeavors are a resounding success.

Creating Surveys

Adding Questions

  • Diverse Question Types: Choose from a selection of 100 different question types to meet the unique needs of your research.

  • Question Formatting: Customize the appearance of your questions with intuitive formatting options.

  • Text Editing: Enjoy robust text editing capabilities for precise survey content.

  • Question Libraries: Access a repository of pre-built questions to streamline survey creation.

Question Options

  • Media Embedding: Enhance your surveys with multimedia elements for a richer respondent experience.

  • Survey Randomization: Minimize bias by presenting questions or answer choices in a randomized order.

  • Personalized Surveys: Tailor surveys to individual respondents for a more engaging and relevant experience.

  • Survey File Download: Easily download your surveys for offline use or documentation purposes.

Survey Flow

  • Skip/Display Logic: Craft dynamic surveys by implementing skip and display logic based on respondent input.

  • Question Blocks: Organize your survey with logical question groupings for a seamless respondent experience.

  • Loop and Merge: Repeat sections or merge responses for more complex survey structures.

  • Personalized Ending Messages: Conclude surveys with customized messages based on respondent interactions.

Distributing Surveys

Mailing Surveys

  • Customized Distribution Settings: Tailor survey distribution settings to meet the specific requirements of your research.

  • Reminder Message Scheduling: Optimize respondent engagement with automated reminder messages.

  • Automatic Message Set-Up: Streamline the survey process with automated message configuration.

  • Response Tracking: Monitor respondent engagement in real-time.

  • Panel Distribution: Leverage our high-quality panel recruitment services for targeted outreach.

Other Options

  • In-Page Pop-Ups: Capture respondent attention with in-page survey pop-ups.

  • Survey Embedding: Seamlessly integrate surveys into your website or applications.

  • Dynamic Survey Links: Generate unique survey links for versatile distribution.

  • Hard Copy Printouts: Extend your reach with hard copy printouts for offline distribution.

Analyzing Data

Reporting Survey Results

  • 30 Different Graph Types: Visualize data with a variety of graph types for comprehensive insights.

  • Data Filter: Refine your analysis by applying data filters to focus on specific criteria.

  • Side-by-Side Reporting: Compare survey results side by side for in-depth analysis.

  • Response Tables: Access detailed tables summarizing respondent feedback.

  • Survey Respondent Overview: Gain a holistic view of respondent demographics and characteristics.

  • Question Statistical Tables: Dive into detailed statistical analyses for each survey question.

Sharing Reports

  • Report Exports: Export reports in various formats, including SPSS, Excel, and more.

  • Automatic Report Sender: Schedule automated report deliveries for timely insights.

  • Real-Time Sharing: Share real-time updates with stakeholders for collaborative decision-making.

  • Individual Response Export: Extract individual respondent data for further analysis.

Analyzing Data

  • Data Download: Download raw survey data for external analysis or archival purposes.

  • Cross Tabulations: Explore relationships between different survey variables with cross-tabulation tools.

  • Conjoint Analyst: Uncover valuable insights with advanced conjoint analysis.

  • Scoring and Grading: Implement scoring and grading systems to evaluate respondent feedback.

Experience the Axon Advantage Today

Empower your market research initiatives with Axon Advisors. Our online survey platform offers unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and support. Join us in revolutionizing the way you conduct market research. Get started with Axon Advisors today!

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