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  1. Consultants review and register agreement to our terms and conditions before participation.

  2. Consultants must abide by any obligations with current and former employers and obtain any necessary consent from employers before participating in a project.

  3. Consultants must affirm their knowledge of and ability to discuss the subject matter of a project before participation.

  4. Consultants may not participate in discussions about their employer or with a client whose firm is a direct competitor of that employer.

  5. Consultants must represent that information they provide is their own view.

  6. Consultants may not attempt to gain from information stemming from the consultation engagement.

  7. Consultants agree not to give investment advice

  8. Consultants agree not to disclose material non-public information

  9. Consultants agree not to disclose confidential information.

  10. Consultants agree not to engage in any illegal activity.

  11. Experts with specific backgrounds agree to additional restrictions:

a. Clinical researchers may not discuss non-disclosed information related to trials.
b. Accountants may not discuss companies audited in the past year.
c. Accountants may not offer accounting advice.
d. Lawyers may not offer legal advice.
e. Medical doctors may not offer medical advice.
f.  Executives may not discuss a pending IPO, merger or tender offer.

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