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Healthcare Executives & Employees at Public and Private Companies

Regulatory Experts

Axon Advisors creates custom opted-in panels on a project by project basis drawing from a fully licensed database of over 22,000 lobbyists and from partnerships with law firms and consulting firms. Regulatory consultants can provide guidance on designing the optimal route to facilitate the premarket approval process, likely outcomes of regulatory problems, and compliance issues. Regulatory consultants include former FDA employees, in-house regulators, attorneys, lobbyists, and health policy analysts.

Former FDA Employees

Former FDA employees who have remained current on major scientific and regulatory issues offer specialized expertise and institutional knowledge relating to critical situations affecting the United States and foreign regulatory entities.

Lawyers Lobbyists and Consultants

  • Total lobbyists = 22,000

  • Total lobbying firms = 2,500

Identified By:

  • Lobbyist (name, lobby registration, career history, lobbyist type)

  • Firm (name, country represented, legislative area)

  • Client (name, country represented, spending, legislative area, industry)

  • Government, PAC, Think Tank, 527 Group

Independent Consultants

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Axon’s Services

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