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Download a PDF of our Capability Statement.

OVERVIEW - Axon specializes in delivering access to human intelligence via permanent placements, temporary staffing and research projects.


SME PLACEMENT AND STAFFING – Primarily, Axon Advisors specializes in brokering high-level, industry-leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). We provide businesses and other entities access to highly qualified and experienced consultants through short and long-term placements on projects. Our coverage spans all industries, with a particular emphasis on healthcare and information technology. Additionally, we offer both permanent placement and temporary staffing services for skilled workers, following the conventional staffing model.


RESEARCH - We also connect our clients with SMEs via microconsulting research engagements, such as 
in-depth phone or in-person interviews. Additionally, we administer a range of qualitative and quantitative research projects, including online surveys and focus groups. 


MISSION - Our mission is to add value to our clients' final services and products, by delivering a reliable pipeline to knowledgeable human intelligence.

NAICS Codes for Federal

   561320    Temporary Help Services
   561311    Employment Placement Agencies
   561210    Facilities Support Services
   561110    Office Administrative Services
   541990    All Other Professional, Scientific, And Technical Services
   541910    Marketing Research And Public Opinion Polling
   541690    Other Scientific And Technical Consulting Services
   541618    Other Management Consulting Services
   541614    Process, Physical Distribution, And Logistics Consulting Services
   541613    Marketing Consulting Services
   541612    Human Resources Consulting Services
   541611    Administrative Management And General Management Consulting Services
   541519    Other Computer Related Services
   541513    Computer Facilities Management Services
   541512    Computer Systems Design Services
   541511    Custom Computer Programming Services
   541214    Payroll Services

UNSPSC Codes for State



   80111600    Temporary Personnel Services
   80111602    Temporary Marketing Staff Needs
   80111604    Temporary Technician Staffing Needs
   80111607    Temporary Legal Staffing Needs
   80111608    Temporary Information Technology Software Developers
   80111609    Temporary Information Technology Systems or Database Administrators
   80111701    Staff recruiting services
   80111704    Permanent marketing staff needs
   80111706    Permanent clerical or administrative assistance
   80111707    Permanent technical staffing needs
   80111708    Permanent financial staffing needs
   80111709    Permanent medical staff needs
   80111710    Permanent legal staffing needs
   80111711    Permanent information technology software developers
   80111712    Permanent information technology networking specialists
   80111713    Permanent information technology systems or database administrators
   80111715    Permanent professional staff
   80111716    Permanent information technology staffing needs
   93141802    Recruitment Services


   80141501    Marketing analysis

   80171502    Focus Group and Public Feedback Meeting

   80141505    Marketing plans
   80141506    Internet based market research
   80141507    Consumer based research or clinics or focus groups

   80101508    Business intelligence consulting services
   80141509    Market intelligence or competitive analysis
   80141510    Market research telephone surveys
   80141511    Market research paper surveys

   80141512    Market research on location surveys
   80141513    Market research one on one interviews


Experience on State of Indiana Contracts

•    Indiana (IN) - Partnered with Milliman, providing subject matter expertise in Indiana Administrative Code, to assist DMHA with assessment of the articles in IAC Title 440.
•    IN - Partnered with HSRI, providing subject matter expertise in Indiana Administrative Code, to assist FSSA with their HCBS waivers (DDRS Home & Community Based Services Waiver Redesign).
•    IN - Partnered with Kepro, providing staffing on the Fee-for-Service Prior Authorization and Utilization Management project.
•    IN - Partnered with SyraHealth, providing local subject matter experts in care coordination for the Competency Attainment Services project.
•    IN - Partnered with QSource, providing survey administration and subject matter experts in external quality review, on the Healthcare Programs EQR project.
•    IN - Partnered with Milliman, to providing survey administration on the Medicaid Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Rate Methodology and Rate Setting Services Project. 


Additional Diverse Supplier Certifications


Axon is currently certified in the State of Indiana as a WOSB and VOSB. Axon is a certified small business at the federal level, and we are pursuing the following certifications:




  • Small Business Administration (SBA) | Small Business | Approved, Active

  • SBA | Small Disadvantaged Business | Filed, Pending

  • SBA | Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) / Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSB) | Filed, Pending

  • SBA | Veteran-Owned Business | Approved, Currently Active

  • SBA | 8(a) | Filed, Pending

  • SBA | HubZone | Filed, Pending Currently Active

  • State of Indiana | Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Indiana Veteran-Owned Small Business (IVOSB) | Approved, Currently Active

  • State of Illinois | WBE, VOSB | Filed, Pending

  • State of New York | WBE | Filed, Pending

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts | WBE, VOSB | Filed, Pending

  • State of Missouri | WBE | Approved, Currently Active

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