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Synchronous Online Qualitative Tool

Text Focus Groups

Axon brings to clients iTracks, an online multilingual solution that lets researchers conduct real time focus groups across geographies from the comfort of their office – saving time and money. With instant transcripts and reduced travel time, your clients can receive results rapidly.

Text Focus Groups

Video focus groups facilitate experiencing the visual and audio signals of a participant as they interact with the group. Webcam and streaming technology provide a truly qualitative environment when travel is not an option. During the sessions, respondents can be divided into breakout groups for more intimate discussions and then brought back to the larger forum generating more insight in less time.

Video Features:

  • Multiple screen view

  • Multilingual interface

  • Written transcripts available

  • Automatic audio/video transcripts

  • Observer chat functionality

  • Dedicated moderator available

  • Teleconference bridge integration

  • Real-time mark-up features

  • Quick pools

  • Dedicated tech support

  • Webcams shipped to users

Asynchronous Online Qualitative Tool

Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are a qualitative online tool to help gain in-depth responses from respondents quickly and inexpensively.

  • Researchers can plan and schedule activities in advance with the flexibility to add components as the project unfolds. Moderators have more control over respondent scheduling and how they are exposed to activities and stimuli.

  • An intuitive user interface and dependent task scheduling focus respondents’ efforts on the subject being discussed. Tasks can be set to appear immediately, on a particular day or set to appear based on completion of another task.

  • Moderators and observers will also appreciate a comprehensive filtering tool that makes managing the often-large volume of response content easily.

Bulletin Board Features:

  • Language menu

  • Breakout rooms

  • Annotations

  • Pools

  • Concept testing

  • Branded accounts

  • Custom software development

  • iTracks moderator community


Moderator Capabilities:

  • Control participant’s ability to view other posts

  • Present stimuli by uploading posts and files

  • Utilize e-mail broadcast tool

  • Assign participants to sub-groups

  • Respond publicly or privately to individual posts

  • Identify participant-specific discussions

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